Look, who has been to the Himalayas lately!Lucky you, he has been taking you to several places. Why? Doesn't he take you anywhere? No, he has never been out of town since I got to know him. Such a boring person he is! He just goes to office and ends up at home.So how did... Continue Reading →

Moving On

While it's happening, we complainWish it to be over soonJust like the school daysBut when it's overPeople go separate waysWe yearn for itMiss it a bit as wellBut that's fineThat's lifeA sweet flower of memory gets added to the beautiful garland of lifeWe should move onBe a streamInstead of a bounded lakeGo gurgling wherever life... Continue Reading →


Out from a seed it growsVulnerable, unaware of its potentialNourished by the fallen leaves of its brethren,and drops of rain.. Shaking and shivering, it starts growingAiming to reach for the heavens,The abode of the nearby starWhose light it harvests.. All this while, hidden from everyoneA part of it sets outOn a journey of its ownTo... Continue Reading →

Midnight Screams

It's cold and lonely out here. I am like a spacecraft out in deep outer space. With every second that ticks away into days, I find myself getting away from the place where I came from, my home. I know I will never be home again. Home a place not just in space but in... Continue Reading →


I smell it in the air.. It isn't cold yet but I can feel it.. Winter has arrived.. Shorter days and longer nights.. Daylight outside the window is no longer a reliable source of time.. It seems 7 pm in the evening when it is just 5 pm.. I can hear the chugging train in... Continue Reading →

The Chronicles of a Cat

Cats are really interesting creatures and when they are around, you can bet there will be plenty of stories. They are like those adventurers who hitchhike across the world facing the odds and discovering treasures all alone. It's just that their world is of the size of a human colony. That nonchalant walk, the pause... Continue Reading →

Withering Friendship

Samir was everyone's favorite in the school. Friends loved him, teachers adored him. Why wouldn't they? He was kind, compassionate even though he didn't realize their meaning in the literal sense. He did his homework on time, never missed classes, did well in tests. Not like topped the class, but always in the top 10.... Continue Reading →

The Lone Survivor

I am the last one surviving in this world. No, it wasn't an asteroid neither was it nations nuking each other. Not all changes can be attributed to big one time events. Not your usual sci-fi stuff, I agree. But I never said this is fiction, this is reality. Wait, you think it is about... Continue Reading →

Falling In Love

He checks his watch frantically inside the cab. Her train is scheduled to arrive in the next half n hour. The red signals at the traffic don't help his anxiety either. He made it to the station just on time to find the train was running late. Tired and hungry after the day's work, he... Continue Reading →

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