Xenos Paranoia

I have been greatly influenced by American and British TV series. Situations which generally a civilian will never encounter in his daily life, I would imagine myself in those situations and get paranoid. I remember about a time when I was undergoing training in Infosys, Mysore. We had housekeeping staffs arrange our rooms in our absence. And I believed them to be spies, eyes of the organization. We didn’t have a shredder in our rooms which was obvious. So, I would never throw away any pieces of paper in the dustbin. I would make sure to tear it to little pieces, crumple it and carry those with me in my pockets the next morning when I would go for my classes. I would casually drop those in a dustbin far away from the building where I resided, lest they search for evidences in the dustbin and connect it to me.

The building I resided in was at the far end of the campus and when I returned to my room usually late at night cycling my way back along the curvy roads, it was quite scary. Once I reached the building, I had to take the lift to the third floor and that didn’t help either. Each second in that constricted steel box with its whirring din as it moved up slowly was nerve wrecking with me getting scared of my own reflection most of the times. My room was near the elevator and if you thought stepping out of the lift would end my troubles, you are mistaken.  I would be welcomed with the flickering light just outside my room, flickering at a rate to blind anyone temporarily. I would try the key and once the door was open I would start my combing operations. I am not sure till date what exactly I was searching for; a paranormal creature or a blood thirsty assassin. I would open the washroom door and pull aside the curtains, look under the bed. Not having found anything wouldn’t also calm me, because of the silence of the night. I would therefore go for the last move of the night, switch on the TV! The chatter helped me relax and once I would feel drowsy, I would switch it off to have a peaceful sleep.


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