A Filmy Love Story

Another punch lands on his face. This wasn’t the first; wasn’t going to be the last as well. The power in the punch made his body to rock on one side. Such was the ferocity that shock waves could be seen on his face if viewed in super slow motion. Then came the knockout punch on his stomach, his chiseled abs were of no use against a blow of that intensity. He slumped to his knees and the next moment, he fell on the dusty ground, his already blood sprayed white shirt now brownish, his denim which was plain an hour back now gave an impression of being tattered. The entire world appeared to be upside down to him, his eyes opened ever so slowly giving the impression they were going to be closed forever. There was deathly silence amidst the din. Like an approaching thunderstorm, a shrill shriek of “Raaaaahuuuuuuuul” pierced the sky, strong enough to bring back someone from death.

The dust around the motionless body suddenly started to float, courtesy his flared nostrils, then his fingers fidgeted and in seconds he was up, with rage in his eyes. Such intense were his eyes that if he wished he could burn an entire city just with his stare. He was not the one to give up, and NEVER if it was about the love of his life. With fists clenched, muscles flexed, he marched towards his assaulter with an agonizing cry that had half of its origin in the excruciating pain that he was experiencing and the other half in sheer anger. The punch landed on the assaulter’s right temple, right where he intended to. The assaulter was surprised at him fighting back, even though he was amazed at his resilience earlier. But before he could recover from this shock, the man in the white shirt pinned him to the ground and landed a series of blows on his face.

“Stop!!!” a man’s voice bellowed from the crowd. Rahul seething with anger, veins showing in his arms, had one more blow aimed at the assaulter whose nose was already bleeding profusely, stopped and retreated his fists from the assaulter’s face and unclenched it, like a venomous cobra recoils after striking its victim.

The voice was of the girl’s father. Realizing his folly and moved by the love of Rahul for his daughter, he was finally convinced about her daughter’s choice, and happily agreed to their decision of getting married.

The girl who was already crying had now tears of joy in those blood-red eyes. She ran towards the man of her dreams. Rahul stood at a distance, arms wide open, weary looking, a wry smile on his face, flashing those dimples which had her heart racing the moment she had set her eyes on him. She hugged him so tightly, his body ached, but he wasn’t complaining, his sheepish grin intact and the entire village cheered. Love had won.


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