A Good Enough Start

She woke up at the sound of her phone’s alarm. She had chosen the most pleasant tone as her alarm but still it agitated her every morning when it brought her back from the peaceful world of sleep. But today was different. She didn’t feel agitated. The early morning air was cool. She didn’t feel happy either. She just felt blank, not exactly blank but a tinge of sadness when she tried to understand the feeling. A moment later she realized it wasn’t even sadness but more of a hung over feeling of sadness. This hangover like the hangover from late night drinking and partying didn’t wear off easily either. She was in that state when it was difficult even to know which day it was and in that semi dazed state she tried to remember. And then it struck her, like a jolt from the blue, the happenings of the night gone by. He had broken up with her. It had been obvious for the last few days but the final blow had been dealt. Her world felt upside down as she tried to imagine her world without him. So used to she was with his presence, even if she shouted at times at him, but today when she realized she couldn’t talk to him, talk about her day after her day’s work, her heart was wrecked at this thought. She checked her pillow where her tears had made wet circles the night before but unlike her worries, this one seemed to have disappeared over the night. She flicked on her phone to check if he had left any text for her but it was just the notifications of conversations from different groups. Her heart sank even further. Next she switched on the front camera and checked her face. She didn’t look like a wreck but she didn’t look happy either. She started searching for her earphones, her heart yearning for a few sad songs though her intelligent brain advised her against it. She went with it anyway and as expected she was floating in a sea of melancholy. The lump in the throat didn’t stay that way anymore, tears welled up in her eyes, trickling down her cheeks the next moment. She had always been a confident independent girl but human heart worked in mysterious ways. Unlike the brain it isn’t fed by logic or ego, it just operates in its own will and always prefers a companion. Not because it can’t survive without one, but because it knows it’s better this way. She felt like taking the day off but then she thought that would make things even worse. When she had enough of the remorseful music, she pulled out the earphone from her ears, wiped her tears. She had to be strong. She knew like the pain from a physical injury, this one too was going to heal over a period of time and everything was going to be fine ultimately. It was the near future which she had to face and she was ready. She had to take control of her life before it veered down a path of hopelessness. She had her shower, almost threw her breakfast but had it in the end because she needed the energy. It was a long day of work ahead. She checked her face in the mirror once more just before leaving and tried forcing a smile, not great but a good enough start.


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  1. .u hv described everything in such a way that i feel i am watching this story.. beautiful..
    I must say u r really a very influential writer…Great..keep it up..

    Liked by 1 person

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