Episode II: Attack of the Bots

Not so long ago in a room far away…

The tiny fighter bots called Night troopers flooded the dark space sent in by the evil emperor DarthMosquitor. Even the gas from the Death Star glowing red in the dark didn’t have any effect on the bots.
I remember the night, the horrors of the night still fresh in my mind, leaving me scarred for the rest of my life. They were just relentless. First came the shrill sound in my ears followed by a stinging prick. A slap on the face; palms of my hand smeared with blood. Blood everywhere; in the pillows, in the bed sheet. It was a carnage. So gore it was that if it had been captured on a film it would have got a parental supervision rating.

Finally, I pull up the magic wand. Wait a minute! It looks more like a tennis racket. Anyways, I switch it on and in the silence of a winter night it sounds like a light saber like the ones yielded by the Jedi Knights. I swoosh it and start on a rampage. The stench of burnt flesh fills the air as the killing frenzy continues until my mind speaks to me, “Sleep now, I must.” The ambush had failed and for now the force had been restored with the evil designs thwarted.

I wake up in the morning thinking the events of the night gone by to be a nightmare until I saw my wall decorated just like the cave paintings of the early human. The ants dragging the carcasses reaffirmed the truth. I had learned my lesson. That night I slept with an impenetrable force field around me and when my sister wished me ‘Good Night’, I heard it as, ‘May the Force be with you.’


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