Happy Dussehra!

In the sea of people, he never let him get out of his sight. It was the evening of Dussehra and the man in white shirt moved briskly unaware of the prying eyes of the undercover cop following him. The officer suspected him of some foul play and had his eyes on him the last few days, closely keeping a tab on his movements. The putrid smell of sweaty underarms of the numerous people jostling for space in the street was drowned by the festive fervor that filled the air. The people had thronged to watch a larger than life-sized effigy of Raavan being lit in flames signifying the win of good over evil. The chase had led the followed and the follower both to the same maidan where the ceremony was to begin soon. The officer closed in towards the suspect and to his horror found a piece of wire and what looked like a button coming out of his right sleeve. A trickle of sweat rolled from his temple but he held his cool. He knew what was expected from him. A bomb scare would lead to stampede. And moreover there was no time. So he had to finish the job on his own. The fact that he had done this before gave him confidence. He took out his service revolver, fitted it with the silencer and moved stealthily for the kill.

The crowd erupts with clap and laughter as the fiery arrow from Lord Ram strikes the giant effigy of the demon king ensuing fireworks. At the same moment the gun’s muzzle made a muffled noise as the bullet thudded in the suicide bomber’s body followed by a couple more such shots. The people rejoiced at the fall of the mythical evil not realizing how close the evil lurked only to be thwarted by a brave officer.


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