Dusk & Dawn

The most favorite times of the day for me has always been dawn and dusk.
The crimson red skies announce the arrival of the Sun.
Getting up before the Sun with the chirps of playful birds, the mind erased of all its troubles, reset after the night’s sleep,  looking forward to the day instilled with a sense of invincibility. On the streets one would find the newspaper boy silently going about tossing newspapers in the neighborhood and the occasional taxis and autos ferrying people to the railway station. Along the road would be people walking, jogging on the pavement. Along the pavement, would be the tea stalls with hot tea brewing in them.
After a tiring day’s work, home bound people in their cars and bikes; some having conquered the day while others not so lucky, both heading towards the comforts of home. With darkness yet to set in, the light from the street lights overhead dot the streets. The red tail lights of cars and bikes with brakes applied at the next zebra crossing look like fireflies from a distance in the twilight. Overhead, just like the people down below, birds retreat to their nest.
The skies are crimson red for a second time in the day. This time as a reminder of the orange disc hanging in the sky sometime earlier.

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