He sat alone in his dull and bland cubicle with Heisenberg and Dexter staring at him from both sides where their black and white printouts are pinned to the wall. The screen had some application switched on with green and red dots indicating health of some other applications. Providing weekend support could be really boring. He wished if the white walls were not the walls of a cubicle on Earth but the interior of a spaceship rotating around some other planet. Instead of sitting there idle to detect an application failure, he would be on the lookout for an asteroid on a collision course or an alien spaceship and when he had to call up Onsite to report the incident, he wished he could start with the phrase, “Houston, we have a problem!”

On weekdays, he would imagine his entire team to be an investigative agency. When they analyzed bugs over a cup of hot coffee in a winter morning, he wished they were not bugs but some intriguing murder mysteries that they were trying to unravel. The ones who had the identity cards hanging around their neck would be the forensic geeks and the ones with the identity cards hanging waist down from their belts would be the detectives/field agents.

What would life be without the magic called imagination!

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