Love On Web

She was his crush. He was too shy to walk up to her and have a talk. It first started when he caught glimpses of her in between classes. Soon, it had translated into occasional eye contacts between them which then evolved to exchanging smiles. But talking to her was something different. He still didn’t have the courage to do so. Amidst all this, the social networking site came to his rescue and played a cupid in their story. He sent her a friend request which she accepted and there they had the first conversation when the girl typed… “Hey! “..  They didn’t look back after that moment. Occasional chats turned into day long chats. A friendship blossomed with each passing day as they started to know each other. Meeting her in real and talking to her didn’t scare him anymore. They went out on trips and movies together and before they realized the feeling called love had taken over their life. Today, they complete one successful year of their happy marriage and it was just the beginning.

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