The Blue Planet

A blue dot appears in the horizon. On coming closer, it is revealed to be a planet moving slowly about its axis in the cold, dark, silent space. The blue color is the color of the huge bodies of water called oceans; the white snowy patches at the poles are water in frozen form; the brown color represents land dotted with green spots called forests. Everything looks so serene. But, zooming in further reveals a different picture.

War torn countries; Countries fighting over oil and water; Black masked bandits brandishing automatic weapons running amok across a continent; Suicide bombings at one place, drone strikes at another. Mass human migrations from war ravaged nations in search of prosperous land; Refugee problems in the developed nations; Riots and violence; Mob lynching at some place, mass gun shootings at someplace else. Smog filled skies where the sight of blue skies is an event; a cyclone here, a hurricane there; an earthquake here; a tsunami there; floods here, drought there. Forests turning into arid lands; arid lands into deserts. Glaciers and polar ice caps melting; Entire nations on the verge of being erased from the face of the planet with sea levels rising. Humanity searching for water and other life supporting elements on other planets.

These grim pictures are not of an apocalyptic world but of the present day Earth.

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