Day One Or One Day?

Tick. Tick. Thak. Thak. Tick. Sounds of mouse clicks and keyboard taps filled with the chatter of call from the adjoining cubicles marked another other monotonous day at work. The glass walled building didn’t let any sound from outside penetrate inside. And the blinds made it feel like it was evening all the time. It was time for a coffee break and give those eyes a breather. On his way to the coffee machine, he stopped and looked outside to find it was raining in torrents. He didn’t even realize that until this moment. The din of the air conditioner had further prevented the sound of rain to reach his ears. Coming closer to the glass wall, he watched the numerous drops of water streaming down the glass as if they were racing against each other. He stood there, hands in his pockets. Behind that cool exterior, his mind was haunted by uncomfortable thoughts. He could see in his feeble reflection in the glass the receding hairline, the slight bulge above his belt. This was not how it was meant to be, he thought to himself. And in that moment, he had a very bad vision of his future; of him living a meaningless life and dying a lonely man. “What am I doing here?!”, he heard his own voice scream within his head. He realized he had to take control of his life as he wasn’t some dead wood floating in the river of time. Amidst this conversation with himself, he heard his teammate call his name. He smiled and nodded to convey he was coming as he realized he had been away from his workstation for quite some time. Though his face didn’t reveal it, in his head, he had already decided. That night when he swiped out, the air he breathed in felt different. In the darkness, the earlier gloomy weather didn’t feel gloomy anymore. Rather the moist earth ushered in a new lease of life, both in the surrounding flora and in his arid soul. He was no longer pretending, trying to be one of them. Instead, he had taken his first step towards his original calling in life.

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