Unrequited Love

He was so excited about his upcoming trip. The trip came amidst dull work as a breather and he couldn’t stop looking forward to it. He literally marked his calendar doing a countdown just like prisoners do when their day of redemption is near. He hoped to return with a fresh vigor from this travel.

The day he had been waiting for had finally arrived. Armed with a backpack, cool shades and a 100 watt smile he boarded the train along with his friends. It was the first time he was travelling with a group. In the group was this girl who had been his friend for quite some time. Friend for the world, but love for his heart. He had a huge crush on her. During his course of travel, he saw the mighty Himalayas for the first time. A geographic phenomenon he had read till date in books was right before his eyes. Shutter clicks filled the air as the moments were captured on film. Everything went on like a dream. But it wasn’t the kind of dream where you don’t want to wake up from, and when you do you wake up with a smile. That night at the bonfire everything changed for him. He discovered the girl whom he loved was in a relationship with one of his friends now. This was like a stab in the heart. The saddest part was everybody else was so happy about it that nobody noticed the tears welling up in his eyes. She didn’t love him earlier also but she didn’t love anyone else as well. Pangs of jealousy struck his heart. He was too shy to reveal his feelings for her even to his friends and therefore no one knew that he loved her. No one now knew that he was heartbroken. The air of the hills no longer felt even half good which had felt so better than the artificiality of the air conditioner few hours back. The next day, they were to visit the Taj. Oh, the irony, he thought to himself to experience heart-break at a place which was a symbol of love. He wished for the trip to be over soon. And it did somehow. Nobody noticed his expressionless face in the photographs as everybody looked at their own smiling faces. But his elder sister couldn’t help noticing it. That night when he tried to narrate all that he had tried to suppress earlier; his voice choked with sobs. He cried like a baby no matter how much she consoled and at the end of it, it was all out. Work proved to be a distraction and before he knew he was smiling and laughing at his teammates’ silly jokes. At night, just before sleeping, when he is alone, the thoughts would come back to haunt him again.

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