Heartbreak 1; Love 0

All the living souls with whom he once shared real memories were now just reduced to circles of their images on WhatsApp. Some lived in the same town and some even worked in the same campus. Having found life not the way they imagined it to be, everyone including him were wounded from within, their souls shattered. Each one of them with broken heart floats like islands in a sea of loneliness. The question, “How are you?” just reduced to a rhetorical question; the answer would always be “Fine”. Because being emotional is seen as a weakness. As soon as the stranger’s eyes are averted, the fake smile that you gave them fades away to return back instantly when the eyes meet again. Every now and then when a lively heart meets a broken heart, and falls in love with her, the broken heart doesn’t find solace in the lively heart’s company. Instead, advises the lively heart to stay away and not get involved with a mess like her because he would end up being the same. Because attachment is a sin. Because expectation is a crime. The heart which once fluttered with life and emotion gets reduced to a blood pumping organ. The heart which once beat faster on seeing her or in doing things he liked is now reduced to a dull machine whose beats are as monotonous as the life of the person within which it resides. He could have saved her. Instead she ruined him. The heartbroken community had its newest member.

Heartbreak 1; Love 0

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