I smell it in the air..
It isn’t cold yet but I can feel it..
Winter has arrived..

Shorter days and longer nights..
Daylight outside the window is no longer a reliable source of time..
It seems 7 pm in the evening when it is just 5 pm..

I can hear the chugging train in the distance..
The voices from outside drowned earlier in the din of the fans can be heard clearly now..

It’s the season when blanket becomes my favorite companion..
And I no longer run away from the tropical sun..
In both of them I find the warmth of life in literal sense..

Sweat eludes me and physical labour is easy..
As the season progresses, some of the comforts are balanced out by discomforts..
Fingers go numb as I ride my bike, and writing using a pen feels like a challenge..

But change is the way of life.. nothing lasts forever..
Winter recedes, spring arrives; albeit for a very short duration..
When it’s neither too cold nor too hot, just the ideal weather..

The northern side of the earth starts tilting towards the sun, days get longer and hotter..
The overhead sun in the noon scorches the earth below it..
Drying up lakes and cracking the soil..
To compensate for the troubles, nature blesses with mangoes, the king of fruits..

The wait then begins for the most awaited..
The monsoon – the harbinger of life..
Farmers till their soil waiting for its arrival..
Others just for the respite it brings from the sweltering heat..

Dark clouds assemble over head before pouring down on the sun-baked earth..
This elixir of life sprinkles magic as greenery pervades every nook and corner;
Not even sparing the crevices in the walls..
Giving life to countless seeds buried underneath..
Shedding their dormancy, saplings emerge from the seeds..

The pitter-patter of the raindrops..
The smell of the earth..
Paper boats float in the streams of flowing rainwater..
Sounds of crickets and toads fill the nights..

The moisture carrying wind goes dry..
The greenery that encompassed everything starts fading..
Leaves turn yellow and brown until they fall to make the trees look barren..
It’s the season of fall and before you know earth has completed yet another revolution around its star..

It’s winter yet again..
And the cycle of seasons continues..

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