The First Rain Of The Year

The first rains of the year!

After the winters are over, I eagerly wait for the rain as it brings succour to the famished souls from hot and sultry days.

The dark clouds slowly creep from one part of the sky giving that distinct light to the sky. One can hear the distant rumbling of thunder as well announcing the arrival of the tempest. Soon, it gets windy with trees swaying wildly shedding the last of the dried leaves that they held onto until this time. They won’t need them anymore as new leaves would soon be sprouting marking the beginning of yet another cycle of life.

In the house, there is a commotion to collect the dried clothes and close the windows before it begins to rain. But I let the window of my  room stay open to have that smell of wet earth permeate the room. Outside, I see flashes of lightning and soon it begins to rain.

A rain shower in the evening can turn monotonous days into eventful ones washing away the sorrows of life, albeit momentarily.

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