A Love Letter

Dear Earth,

I love you.
I love you for the oceans and mountains;
For the rivers and gorges.
I love you for the wispy white clouds;
The rains and rainbows,
Auroras and snows.

Above all I love you for life.
The color of the reefs,
The height of the redwood trees.

The fluffy tail of a fox
The arms of an octopus

The snout of a dolphin
The strut of a penguin

The tail fin of a whale
The eyes of the gazelle

An otter floating on its back
The feathers of a peacock

The flutter of a butterfly
The hover of a hummingbird

The flight of a bird
The stealth of a leopard

The armor of a rhino
The fossil of a dino

I can go on and on..
I must stop.
One last time,
I love you for being such a sweet home.
I love you so very much.

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