Death, it’s a truth
May be the ultimate truth
One can’t look away from it
However hard one wishes for it

Even stars die
But then it shines throughout its life
Before it explodes in a supernova
Turning into nebula
A cradle for new stars

I can make peace with such death
The natural order of things
Where dead give way to young
Where a fallen leaf decomposes
Nourishing the soil for the trees of the future

But how do I reconcile
The death of a young sapling
Trampled so early in its life
Even before it saw the magic of life
Even before it flowered,
Attracting bees and butterflies
Before its burly branches
Provided home for a bird
How do I ???

What’s that body of fur and whiskers
Its tail twitching; so playful so jolly
What is in death that it is now reduced to a lump of flesh; motionless
Now ants lining around its eyes,
Vultures flying overhead

How I wish for things to go back to the way they were
What won’t I do to see you once more
In all your glory
How little those differences seem now
How I wish I had expressed my love for you freely..

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