The Lone Survivor

I am the last one surviving in this world. No, it wasn't an asteroid neither was it nations nuking each other. Not all changes can be attributed to big one time events. Not your usual sci-fi stuff, I agree. But I never said this is fiction, this is reality. Wait, you think it is about... Continue Reading →

Ship of Theseus

Shankar was an auto rickshaw driver. Orphaned at a very young age, he was pulled into odd jobs early in his life for his survival. Every morning he would take his auto out and carried on his job honestly till night. He would always strike a conversation with the passengers he ferried and in this... Continue Reading →

The Blue Planet

A blue dot appears in the horizon. On coming closer, it is revealed to be a planet moving slowly about its axis in the cold, dark, silent space. The blue color is the color of the huge bodies of water called oceans; the white snowy patches at the poles are water in frozen form; the... Continue Reading →

Stay Safe

A traffic jam. On moving closer, the commotion appeared to be caused by an accident. A badly damaged bike, a dented car, pieces of shattered glass lay sprawling in the road. There was blood too. People carried an unresponsive body presumed dead. The now stopped watch with its shattered glass showed the exact time of... Continue Reading →

The Provider

At the break of dawn, he sets out barefoot to his field; his two bullsĀ giving him company. The white skinned bovine creatures are a stark contrast to his sunburned black skin; the effects of working for long hours under the sun clearly showing. A piece of loin cloth for his body and another piece of... Continue Reading →

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