Ship of Theseus

Shankar was an auto rickshaw driver. Orphaned at a very young age, he was pulled into odd jobs early in his life for his survival. Every morning he would take his auto out and carried on his job honestly till night. He would always strike a conversation with the passengers he ferried and in this... Continue Reading →


Unrequited Love

He was so excited about his upcoming trip. The trip came amidst dull work as a breather and he couldn’t stop looking forward to it. He literally marked his calendar doing a countdown just like prisoners do when their day of redemption is near. He hoped to return with a fresh vigor from this travel.... Continue Reading →

Unfulfilled Wishes

As a kid; he would pick the toy gun over all other toys. As a teen, he loved watching war movies; movies on covert operations. He grew up to be a fine soldier. The fateful day he turned a martyr, he fought valiantly before he was gunned down by the enemy soldiers being outnumbered by... Continue Reading →

Meandering Rivers

I have always loved rivers. The way they originate from some distant hills and then flow miles to reach the sea, but not without facing their share of obstacles in their course. Sometimes avoiding the obstacle by meandering across it in a slumber and sometimes pulverizing the obstacle with  vicious force. Carrying tales of distant... Continue Reading →

Dusk & Dawn

The most favorite times of the day for me has always been dawn and dusk. The crimson red skies announce the arrival of the Sun. Getting up before the Sun with the chirps of playful birds, the mind erased of all its troubles, reset after the night's sleep,  looking forward to the day instilled with... Continue Reading →

Crumpled Paper Balls

He had murdered so many people his entire life, people from different walks of life; sometimes as extraordinary as a boy wizard, sometimes just an old man living in the countryside. Still he never made it to the headlines. Because unlike other deaths, these were not marred by red blood but by blue ink. He... Continue Reading →


He sat alone in his dull and bland cubicle with Heisenberg and Dexter staring at him from both sides where their black and white printouts are pinned to the wall. The screen had some application switched on with green and red dots indicating health of some other applications. Providing weekend support could be really boring.... Continue Reading →

The Blue Planet

A blue dot appears in the horizon. On coming closer, it is revealed to be a planet moving slowly about its axis in the cold, dark, silent space. The blue color is the color of the huge bodies of water called oceans; the white snowy patches at the poles are water in frozen form; the... Continue Reading →

Choice & Compulsion

The rattle of keyboard was accompanied by letters of different hues appearing on a digital screen. But he wasn’t happy. In fact, he hated it. He was filled with disgust looking at those words. The keys on the keyboard rattled again, this time mere black letters appeared on a white background. This time he was... Continue Reading →

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