A Love Letter

Dear Earth, I love you.I love you for the oceans and mountains;For the rivers and gorges.I love you for the wispy white clouds;The rains and rainbows,Auroras and snows. Above all I love you for life.The color of the reefs,The height of the redwood trees. The fluffy tail of a foxThe arms of an octopus The... Continue Reading →

Fleeting Thoughts

I sat musing about lifeWhen something flutteredA butterfly? A fallen leaf? I see a dash of sunshineA bird it is..Streaks of yellow in its bellyHopping about, a moment hereNext hanging upside down So are my thoughtsFleeting; flitting aboutThe twigs of memoriesOf days gone by..


That tinge of greenWhere nothing else would grow Growing on your ownIn that little stripBy that concrete boundary wallWhere the water from the overhead tankWould spill..You are a wild thingTrampled, yet standing still. The world makes you feel unwantedCalls you weedsBut ask that little butterflyThe dragonfly and the beetleFor them you are the worldA microcosm... Continue Reading →

Moving On

While it's happening, we complainWish it to be over soonJust like the school daysBut when it's overPeople go separate waysWe yearn for itMiss it a bit as wellBut that's fineThat's lifeA sweet flower of memory gets added to the beautiful garland of lifeWe should move onBe a streamInstead of a bounded lakeGo gurgling wherever life... Continue Reading →


Out from a seed it growsVulnerable, unaware of its potentialNourished by the fallen leaves of its brethren,and drops of rain.. Shaking and shivering, it starts growingAiming to reach for the heavens,The abode of the nearby starWhose light it harvests.. All this while, hidden from everyoneA part of it sets outOn a journey of its ownTo... Continue Reading →

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