Meandering Rivers

I have always loved rivers. The way they originate from some distant hills and then flow miles to reach the sea, but not without facing their share of obstacles in their course. Sometimes avoiding the obstacle by meandering across it in a slumber and sometimes pulverizing the obstacle with  vicious force. Carrying tales of distant... Continue Reading →

The Blue Planet

A blue dot appears in the horizon. On coming closer, it is revealed to be a planet moving slowly about its axis in the cold, dark, silent space. The blue color is the color of the huge bodies of water called oceans; the white snowy patches at the poles are water in frozen form; the... Continue Reading →

Day One Or One Day?

Tick. Tick. Thak. Thak. Tick. Sounds of mouse clicks and keyboard taps filled with the chatter of call from the adjoining cubicles marked another other monotonous day at work. The glass walled building didn't let any sound from outside penetrate inside. And the blinds made it feel like it was evening all the time. It... Continue Reading →

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