Withering Friendship

Samir was everyone's favorite in the school. Friends loved him, teachers adored him. Why wouldn't they? He was kind, compassionate even though he didn't realize their meaning in the literal sense. He did his homework on time, never missed classes, did well in tests. Not like topped the class, but always in the top 10.... Continue Reading →

Falling In Love

He checks his watch frantically inside the cab. Her train is scheduled to arrive in the next half n hour. The red signals at the traffic don't help his anxiety either. He made it to the station just on time to find the train was running late. Tired and hungry after the day's work, he... Continue Reading →


Between her day long classes and the rest of the time spent bent over her books, she rarely got the time to check even her phone. Let alone a thought of someone cross her mind. Yet somehow his memories escaped through some crack in time. Though it had been almost a year since they broke... Continue Reading →

Unrequited Love

He was so excited about his upcoming trip. The trip came amidst dull work as a breather and he couldn’t stop looking forward to it. He literally marked his calendar doing a countdown just like prisoners do when their day of redemption is near. He hoped to return with a fresh vigor from this travel.... Continue Reading →

The Long Drive

Soothing music playing, windows rolled up, the mild ac spreading the fragrance of the freshener fitted in the dashboard, and the car cruised on the seemingly endless road with trees lining both sides of the road. A perfect romantic setting. He laughed at her joke as he changed the gears. They both knew things would... Continue Reading →

Love On Web

She was his crush. He was too shy to walk up to her and have a talk. It first started when he caught glimpses of her in between classes. Soon, it had translated into occasional eye contacts between them which then evolved to exchanging smiles. But talking to her was something different. He still didn’t... Continue Reading →

A Good Enough Start

She woke up at the sound of her phone's alarm. She had chosen the most pleasant tone as her alarm but still it agitated her every morning when it brought her back from the peaceful world of sleep. But today was different. She didn't feel agitated. The early morning air was cool. She didn't feel... Continue Reading →

A Filmy Love Story

Another punch lands on his face. This wasn’t the first; wasn’t going to be the last as well. The power in the punch made his body to rock on one side. Such was the ferocity that shock waves could be seen on his face if viewed in super slow motion. Then came the knockout punch... Continue Reading →

Past Perfect

Sounds of bomb exploding. A city under siege. A little boy watched from a narrow crack in the closet in which he hid. He could hear his heartbeat sounding like drum beats in the confined space. Sweat beads formed in his forehead. Complete silence was broken by sounds of creaking wood made by approaching footsteps... Continue Reading →

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