A Love Letter

Dear Earth, I love you.I love you for the oceans and mountains;For the rivers and gorges.I love you for the wispy white clouds;The rains and rainbows,Auroras and snows. Above all I love you for life.The color of the reefs,The height of the redwood trees. The fluffy tail of a foxThe arms of an octopus The... Continue Reading →

Fleeting Thoughts

I sat musing about lifeWhen something flutteredA butterfly? A fallen leaf? I see a dash of sunshineA bird it is..Streaks of yellow in its bellyHopping about, a moment hereNext hanging upside down So are my thoughtsFleeting; flitting aboutThe twigs of memoriesOf days gone by..


That tinge of greenWhere nothing else would grow Growing on your ownIn that little stripBy that concrete boundary wallWhere the water from the overhead tankWould spill..You are a wild thingTrampled, yet standing still. The world makes you feel unwantedCalls you weedsBut ask that little butterflyThe dragonfly and the beetleFor them you are the worldA microcosm... Continue Reading →

The First Rain Of The Year

The first rains of the year! After the winters are over, I eagerly wait for the rain as it brings succour to the famished souls from hot and sultry days. The dark clouds slowly creep from one part of the sky giving that distinct light to the sky. One can hear the distant rumbling of... Continue Reading →

Meandering Rivers

I have always loved rivers. The way they originate from some distant hills and then flow miles to reach the sea, but not without facing their share of obstacles in their course. Sometimes avoiding the obstacle by meandering across it in a slumber and sometimes pulverizing the obstacle with  vicious force. Carrying tales of distant... Continue Reading →

Dusk & Dawn

The most favorite times of the day for me has always been dawn and dusk. The crimson red skies announce the arrival of the Sun. Getting up before the Sun with the chirps of playful birds, the mind erased of all its troubles, reset after the night's sleep, ¬†looking forward to the day instilled with... Continue Reading →

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