Meandering Rivers

I have always loved rivers. The way they originate from some distant hills and then flow miles to reach the sea, but not without facing their share of obstacles in their course. Sometimes avoiding the obstacle by meandering across it in a slumber and sometimes pulverizing the obstacle with  vicious force. Carrying tales of distant lands. But there is never a lack of spontaneity. It’s story telling at its best. An enigmatic beginning followed by a beautiful tale culminating in something majestic. But it saddens me today to see with dams across rivers, the spontaneity is gone. The science and engineering of dams has rendered the artful river into a means of utility for power only. I see a similar lack of spontaneity in relationships around me as well. It is as if the current state of rivers is a reflection of the society we live in. Dumped with waste the same entity which once roared and made daunting mountains submit to itself in fear dies a silent death. Will it roar once again destroying everything in its path?

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  1. I love the picture and your blog. I grew up in West Bengal, India. And I pretty much travelled the entire country by trains. On the way, there were so many rivers and I used to love watching them. And this post is an exact reflection of my mind. It’s beautiful! Great work !

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