He sat alone in his dull and bland cubicle with Heisenberg and Dexter staring at him from both sides where their black and white printouts are pinned to the wall. The screen had some application switched on with green and red dots indicating health of some other applications. Providing weekend support could be really boring.... Continue Reading →

Episode II: Attack of the Bots

Not so long ago in a room far away... The tiny fighter bots called Night troopers flooded the dark space sent in by the evil emperor DarthMosquitor. Even the gas from the Death Star glowing red in the dark didn't have any effect on the bots. I remember the night, the horrors of the night... Continue Reading →

Xenos Paranoia

I have been greatly influenced by American and British TV series. Situations which generally a civilian will never encounter in his daily life, I would imagine myself in those situations and get paranoid. I remember about a time when I was undergoing training in Infosys, Mysore. We had housekeeping staffs arrange our rooms in our... Continue Reading →

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