The Lone Survivor

I am the last one surviving in this world. No, it wasn’t an asteroid neither was it nations nuking each other. Not all changes can be attributed to big one time events. Not your usual sci-fi stuff, I agree. But I never said this is fiction, this is reality.

Wait, you think it is about you. Oh, damn you humans! Why are you so obsessed with yourself all the time?!

Relax, your time has not come yet.

On a second thought, I realize, in a way this too is about you. Agreed, I can’t draw those fancy things u call alphabets but I too feel and ponder about things happening around me. One by one you killed each one of us; placing bounty on our heads as if we were thieves! But we just took few of your sheep and those lame excuse for birds called hen. Well, what did you expect when you snatched our homes to build yours? Who are the real thieves then?

As I wander in this wilderness in the fag-end of my life, I just hope all those rumors of sightings are true and may be I am not the last one. And if it’s true that there is someone out there, I just hope your filthy hands don’t reach him/her. We are better off without you. This planet doesn’t need your saving. Just excuse yourself and we will take care of ourselves.

Sadly, it was the last surviving Tasmanian Tiger. Soon its name would join the list of extinct animals.

Thylacine; commonly known as Tasmanian Tiger


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  1. Aren’t Tasmanian Devils already extinct, or is this another species? nevertheless a brilliant and pointed story about how we humans have destroyed the world for creatures other than our own kind. Well done Me. Writer 😁

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