Ishaan hated going to school, especially on Mondays. He would cook up all kinds of excuses but to no avail. His parents would make sure; he would get ready for school in time. That day as his father drove him to the school, they had to stop at the signal as the light turned red. He loved only this part of going to school as he would watch the world unfold before his curious eyes. He looked out of the window and saw a skinny boy in dirty clothes selling something standing beside the road. Their eyes met and the boy smiled at Ishaan. Ishaan, at his age, though naughty was an innocent soul and thought how happy and lucky was that boy who did not have to go to school and was free to live his life on his own terms. Little did he realize how at the same moment the boy outside the window was smiling, looking at his sparkling clean uniform of white shirt and tie and wished he could go to school as well.

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