Midnight Screams

It's cold and lonely out here. I am like a spacecraft out in deep outer space. With every second that ticks away into days, I find myself getting away from the place where I came from, my home. I know I will never be home again. Home a place not just in space but in... Continue Reading →

Happy Dussehra!

In the sea of people, he never let him get out of his sight. It was the evening of Dussehra and the man in white shirt moved briskly unaware of the prying eyes of the undercover cop following him. The officer suspected him of some foul play and had his eyes on him the last... Continue Reading →

Xenos Paranoia

I have been greatly influenced by American and British TV series. Situations which generally a civilian will never encounter in his daily life, I would imagine myself in those situations and get paranoid. I remember about a time when I was undergoing training in Infosys, Mysore. We had housekeeping staffs arrange our rooms in our... Continue Reading →


It's a sunny morning on a Sunday. Finally, I am on WordPress! Like all beginnings, I am clueless at this moment. I hope I will be able ┬áto repay the faith of my friends and loved ones who have loved my every piece of writing till date. I wish to keep entertaining you and every... Continue Reading →

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